A Memorial Day Tribute



In honor and to remember our troops and their families, I offer you 3 different perspectives: a bystander, parents, and a child. 


Whenever I see a Soldier Boy

Whenever I see a soldier boy

No matter where it be

I give him salutation

for he means so much to me


He’s not the boy we used to know

In store, at desk or plow

He’s a defender of our faith

He’s in the service now


He keeps Old Glory flying

on land and air and sea

He lives to make our homes secure

He dies to keep us free.

by Sam Miller, 1942


Yesterday We Were Parents

Yesterday we were parents

We were called mom and dad

I sat and watched the news today

How times over there turned bad


A fear welled up inside me

A chill ran down my spine

The USS Cole was bombed

And she held a son of mine


Fear ripped through my heart

As I searched for any news

Part of me not wanting to know

Part needing to know the truth


I called up my husband

And told him what I heard

He rushed right home to hold me

Not able to say a word


We started calling the Navy

Our fate was in their hands

It was her who took him to

That Eastern foreign land


It was his call to duty

To honor, serve and protect

A call to duty so many of us

Now seem too easily neglect


We have to call back later

No answers can they provide

Don’t they realize how that response

Tears me up inside


Now there is a number

For all the “next of kin”

That phrase will forever haunt me

And make my blood run thin


…Yesterday we were mom and dad

for right now we still don’t know

if we’ll ever hear those names

or drown in heartbreak and sorrow…

by Michelle Keim

Commander of Royersford VFW Post 6341 in Pennsylvania

U.S.S. Cole




From Reveille to Taps…The Culture of an Army Child and Family”

I never live somewhere too long.

I never planted a tree and watched it grow.

I never know where I will be next week.

I never wore hi-fashion clothes.

I never became “part of the crowd.”


There are other things I’ve never done.

I never was afraid to speak freely.

I never was scared to show my religion.

I never worried about unjust laws being made.

I never left flowers at a loved one’s grave,

who died so I might be free.

I never forget how lucky I am.

by Kimberly Anne Davis, age 14, 2 November 1997


The poems were selected to share from: www.usmemorialday.org


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SBW2015: Showing Gratitude for all Small Business Owners


America is celebrating National Small Business Week all over the country & special events will be held May 4 – May 8, 2015 in cities across the United States & via the web. It is a time that we as consumers can show our appreciation for local business by shopping locally & promoting them by sharing their information with others.

As a small business owner myself, I also thought it would be fun to share a few financial tips that may be helpful to other small business owners. It is another small way to say thank you & show support to my community.

Take Time to Work On Your Business & Not Just In It:
• Financial Statements & Tax Returns both tell a financial story & can be used as a road map or a compass to help guide profitability
• On at least a quarterly basis, Compare your Budgeted/Forecasted Amounts to Actual Results to identity differences (variance)
• Try to determine why there was a difference, if any, & adjust as necessary
• Also compare Year to Year Actual Results – where is your value being created & lost?

Watch The Bottom Line by Protecting your Assets & Managing your Risk:
• On 10/1/15, the financial responsibility (liability) starts to shift for fraudulent transactions to U.S. merchants if they have not upgraded their payment systems to accept EMV Chip Payment Cards. This is true if the card issuing company has added the chip to their card & you have not upgraded your POS system. Rules vary by issuing card companies & products sold. More information can be found from http://www.darkreading.com at : http://t.co/1OqiwTLY0P
• Know your Net Worth & make a conscious decision about how much of it you want to protect by buying insurance & how much you want to “self-insure”

Try Not to Leave Money on the Table:
• Avoid financial pitfalls, fines, & penalties by knowing & applying FLSA laws correctly including classifying Exempt, Non-Exempt, & Independent Contractors & treat them & pay them correctly
• Use the tax laws to strategically plan your business operations to minimize tax expense & keep more money “in your pocket”

Deborah Ann Fox, CPA helps individuals & small business owners build & protect their financial wealth. She is available for in-person, or remote appointments. See http://www.debfoxfinancial.com for more information.