Living in Faith – a personal story

As much as I love Miss Fox, I do not have a home to keep her in now because my life is in pieces, from TX to FL.  I closed my SATX home after the 4/15/19 tax date and drove to Orlando to help Dad take care of Angie and fulfill her wish to die at home. We then started next steps to downsize Dad’s home, then COVID March 2020. My precious Jason suddenly died 8/31/20.  I have been in Houston since then taking care of things for him. It has been a painful and expensive process. God guided me and I did my best to trust the process and let Faith lead the way. I still do.

I have not asked for help. It was something I wanted to do when people asked months ago:

  • How can I help?
  • Is there a Go Fund Me to help with expenses?  

I need to go to FL to get my car and  need someone to take care of Miss Fox while I am gone. For those that don’t know, Miss Fox, showed up at my feet as I sat on a bench outside my Houston hotel. This happened 9/6/2020- exactly one week after Jason unexpectedly bid us all goodbye. She is a good well trained 70# 10 YR old girl who never had an accident inside our hotel room while we were there. She waits. Patiently. She is friendly and loves kids, including toddlers, who have almost gotten nose to nose. We learned via her chip records that her previous owner died the month before Jason. Access to her vet records was not possible. She had all required vaccines again to be safe and is also taking preventative medication monthly for heart worms and fleas. The estimated time is about 1 week and maybe longer, I need to get my car serviced before I drive to TX and need a few days of good driving weather.

For at least awhile, I am going to need help caring for Miss Fox. She will not fit well in my car and I do not have a home to keep her. I need to finish taking care of Jason’s physical stuff, get my life pieces in one place and begin again. How and where is TBD.

Almost 2 years ago, I stepped out in faith and volunteered to help and am thankful that I could. Suddenly losing Jason 6 months ago devastated me and still does. Financially I mostly relied on my own resources (credit cards, IRA) to pay his expenses.  It is the best I could do at the time.  I don’t know about you, but asking for help is extremely difficult for me. I also know you can’t get, if you don’t ask or tell others what you need.  It took me a long time to answer the 2 questions shown above; I am trying to do that now. When the time is right and it is COVID safe, I want to celebrate Jason’s life with our family and his/our friends. I have heard so many wonderful stories from you about how much good Jason #Fox brought to your life. I would love for others to hear your stories and for you to enjoy their stories too.

Support in all forms – physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial is appreciated. It all makes a difference to Jason Fox, Miss Fox, and to me. Gratitude.

Initial short term help with Miss Fox is needed on Monday 3/22/21. Co-parenting and/or loving on a long term basis is welcome too. If you want to help financially, deposits can be made in my name at Bank of America, routing 113000023 / 111000025 paper/electronic, and account 488096636848.

Some people come out of the storm better
Some people come out of the storm bitter
The difference between the bitter and the better
is the compass of your heart
and the direction you want to go.
(Ant Clemons’ opening words to Better Days, performed for the inauguration with Justin Timberlake)

I heard this quote in church yesterday. I intend to continue to direct my heart compass toward the good as much as possible. A friend in San Diego did this after her daughter, unexpectedly died like Jason. She calls this her Post Traumatic Growth process. Life is about choices. Thanks for being there for us these past several months, and for being there with us, as we grow through this painful loss together. We love you.

One thought on “Living in Faith – a personal story

  1. I am so proud of you and the strength you have had to endure. I am so glad that you have reached out to tell us your plans, your meeting of your furbaby and most importantly the motherly love you have for your son. I pray you get your plans in motion soon so you can get somewhat of a place to settle into. Love and hugs

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