♆ Testimonials

Deb Fox, has been filing my income taxes for the last two years. Deb Fox, pointed out ways I can reduce my taxes and boost my income in legitimate creative ways. She has always been available to answer my questions and very resourceful. Deb Fox, is professional and was timely in preparing my income taxes.

Chris S.; Carlsbad, CA 

Deb’s “financial health checkup” has been instrumental in helping me grow my graphic design business. After taking great care to understand my field, Deb put together a clear and thorough list of actionable steps to streamline my workflow, expand marketing and increase revenue. What I ultimately came away with was not just a list of good ideas. I also gained a valuable understanding that has put me in better control of my finances. I highly recommend Deb. Not only are you getting a knowledgable and professional financial planner, but a talented and patient teacher as well.

Raw Substance Design, San Diego, CA 

Deb Fox has been instrumental in helping me organize my business plan by creating an Excel spreadsheet. Numbers are definitely Deb’s strength, not mine. Once the spreadsheet was complete, it was very easy to read tab by tab. I am so pleased and it is just what I needed! Thank you Debbie!!

Kathy B.; New Braunfels, TX 

Deb Fox is someone I would highly recommend to any small business owner or individual looking for financial or tax advice. As a CPA she is incredibly thorough and detailed and leaves no stone unturned. She helped my business not only with financial advice and tax preparation for this year but also helped me to plan for the future with invaluable strategies moving forward. As a small business owner there are some things that you should definitely look to others for their expertise on and tax preparation is one of them. Deb’s many years in risk management and insurance were also incredibly useful and I would recommend her without hesitation. As a bonus, aside from being so smart in her field, she is also a lot of fun to work with!

James S., San Diego, CA

I would recommend Deb Fox for any individual who may be in need of of financial wellness guidance and counseling. Deb operates with her heart and has 20 plus years in the financial arena. She has the highest level of integrity and professionalism and she has assisted me in the areas of tax planning, tax filing as well as with retirement planning. With Deb’s easy to understand approach and clear communication skills I have learned how to take better care of my money. She doesn’t just tell you how to take care of your finances, she teaches you how to take care of your finances. Skills that you will take with you forever. Whether you work with her one time or a lifetime,  I am confident that you will benefit from her services.

Dave F., San Diego, CA